A new meeting place is Fox Brook Park.

We can meet and dive or not, it's your choice and your opportunity.



The Badger State Dive Club is a non-profit, non-stock corporation.

We are independent of any dive shop or dive organization.

Our annual membership dues are just $35 per family.

Join Us for Fun and Excitement!

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Club Officers

President – Rich Laiacona

Vice President – Dan Booton

Treasurer – Rich Laiacona

Dive Coordinator – Mike Wolf

Secretary – Bob Lijewski

Sgt.-at-Arms –Mike Wolf

Honorary Board/Newsletter Editor – Lee Hintz

Honorary Board – Dan Booton

Honorary Board – Mike Wolf

Honorary Board – Jim Noel

Join Us For Underwater Adventure at its BEST

Wreck Dives, Ice Dives, Night Dives, Lake Michigan Dives, Inland Lake Dives, Caribbean Trips, Picnics, Parties, Family Fun.

Who is the Badger State Dive Club?

A dive club dedicated to promoting the sport of skin and SCUBA diving.

Our functions include active and on-going diving education and events for the entire family.

The Badger State Dive Club was founded in 1964.

Our members know that joining a dive club is one of the best ways to stay active in diving and get the most out of their favorite sport. Check Out one of Wisconsin’s Oldest and Best Dive Club.