P.O. BOX 1965


 The Badger State Divers would like to invite you to our next meeting on Monday, February 29th at 8:00 p.m. We will be meeting at the American Legion Lounge at 229 Wisconsin

Avenue in Waukesha .


 Our Christmas party was once again a smashing success. We had a super turnout of 49 people at the upstairs party room of the Halfway House in Elm Grove. Every one was extremely

pleased with the taste and preparation quality of the meals. Announced at the banquet table, our Diver of the Year for 1987 was Rob Scherer. 1987 was a very good year for our

club, as was evidenced by the intensity of diving interest by our club members. A great deal of conversation was spent reflecting back on the years diving activities and discoveries. Ken Goebel was one lucky diver to have found a 1922 Johnson outboard motor in Elkhart Lake, which he restoring to a beautiful condition.

 The new year was once again celebrated by a dive in the South Shore Yacht Club basin by Dave S. and Dick K. The water was rather murky, however the dive was still wet.

 Brad & Becky would like to report that the State of Florida still provides abundant opportunity for fantastic underwater activities. Although we didn’t dive the east coast extensively, the famed “gold coast” between Melbourne and Stuart has some super shore diving opportunities that have easy public access. In addition to the areas where the ill fated 1715 Spanish fleet wrecks are located, there is underwater wreckage originally used to simulate the Normandy coast of France for training maneuvers prior to the D-day invasion. Locals report that “gold coast” diving is the best in the July/August period .


 31st of January (Sunday) – ICE DIVE PARTY! – At 12:00 noon,

we will be meeting to cut a hole and have an ice dive. This is a great way to obtain some great visibility in water that normally provides only limited visibility. This year we will be tethered to recently acquired harnesses. If you have never tried to ice dive please contact our dive coordinator. Bob Scherer, for further information.

Super bowl tickets will be available as we will be able to watch the game inside the warm room of the park building on the park grounds. There will also be hot showers (if the pipes aren’t frozen) to use after the dives. There will be beer provided by Bob S. and Laurie Y. is organizing the food effort (chili today – hot tamale!).

 Meet at Nagawaukee Park around noon. The park entrance for the shelter house is off of Hwy 83 (North of I-94). As you travel north on Hwy 83, the entrance for the shelter house is on the left, just after the main park entrance. This second road leads to the park’s boat ramp, near where we will be diving.

 20th of February – Bon Voyage beach party bash- As a send off to the folks headed to the island of Guanaja, off of the Honduran coastline, Jack Reinholz will be hosting a get together in the club house of his condominium complex. Please bring a dish to pass (deserts or Hors d’oeuvres). This has always been a lot of fun in the past, as the entire club shows up to wish the best of luck to those individuals who will be braving the harsh Honduran jungles, vintage DC-3 aircraft, and close proximity to the Nicaraguan border, for the sake of some of the best diving in the world!

Rumor has it that the resort has ordered a larger compressor because they heard Dick K. was coming back again! The photographers of the group have emptied the shelves of Kodak slide film from every shop in town. Remember to dress appropriately for a day of frolicking on the beach!

 1st weekend in June – DOOR COUNTY WEEKEND – This will be the date for the weekend at the Shoreline Resort. The Club is reserving 12 rooms at the motel. Boat dockage will be available for the navy.

 Spring in general – The following dives are being organized for this year:

  1. Moose Lake: Intended to be a “get acquainted” dive with the other area dive clubs this Spring.
  2. On The Rocks: Intended to be like last year. With all of our new members, we will have to evaluate whether there will be enough room at the main lodge alone. This will be at end of Summer.
  3. Munising Bay: Last year there were some of us who dove the beautiful waters of Munising, with a lot of interest from others. Start thinking about a possible date. July or early August delivers the best water conditions for this area.


Our friends at Smokey’s bait shop would like to throw a party for us. It is fun to think about this type of experience as we watch the snow flakes fly around outside . Smokey’s pier is the ritual of Spring for the BSD!

 Congratulations to Paul and Cindy who had their baby boy on Dec. 10, 1987!

 For those interested in refining your diving skills before this Spring, or the Honduran expedition, Dave S. is running a class at the Waukesha YWCA on January 30th and 31st. Contact Dave or Laurie (Aquatic Director at YWCA) for further details.

 This coming year promises to be one of the best in our history. We will have the opportunity to share our experiences with eight new members as of this writing. We hope that all of you feel free to express your views on all issues and bring forth those ideas and interests which you would like to share with the club. Some of the local diving interests which many of us have done in the past years include:

  • Bottle hunting in Nemahbin, Oconomowoc, and Okauchee.
  • Wreck exploring in Lake Michigan off Milwaukee’s shore.
  • Wreck and artifact diving in .Munising, Mich., while camping along the beautiful Lake Superior shoreline!
  • Wreck and rock diving for artifacts (fishing tackle) at the famed “death’s door” region at the tip of Door Co.
  • Picnic dives at Elkhart, Moose, and Okauchee Lakes.
  • Winter ice diving at Nemahbin and Nagawaukee.

 Some of the most enjoyable inland lake diving in the local area has been experienced at Oconomowoc Lake of the past couple of years. Because of the private nature of the Jake, the boat traffic is light and the visibility is good. Upper Nemahbin Lake has also provided some great diving because we have gotten to know the crew at the Channel Inn Tavern, who have allowed us to use their property for diving access and boat launching. The Lake Michigan diving fever has been spread through the club last year by Dave Streator and Dick Klug. Mary Klug was wondering what was happening when all Dick could talk about was going out to visit his friend Wille!


With the thought of our impending ice dive, dry suit diving is often subject of diving conversation. Remember that upon ascent, it is best to first vent your BC empty so you can concentrate on buoyancy control with the suit, which requires more attention and more frequent venting. Also, ascend more slowly to allow the air inside the dry suit to migrate through underwear on it’s way to the exhaust valve.